Michael Burke

Music Of The Spheres

From the novel:

"When death looks you in the eye he challenges you to look back. He dares you to fall back on the normal excuses to try and ignore him. Just try telling him about reincarnation, rebirth, heaven, the afterlife, alternate universes, universal consciousness, religion, infinity, eternity, insanity. He forces me into the present, into the boredom of logical life, to focus on every detail. How I place the key into the ignition, start the car, turn the wheel to pass the Bistro, look at it, pretending it is the same as it was when I passed it a couple of hours age. I perform: I steer, I dim my lights for an oncoming car, I’m nice to someone I will never know."

Selected Works

Fiction - Mystery
"Thomas Pynchon and Dashiell Hammett walk into a bar: Burke's channeling the results right here in Out of Mind. Pure joy!"
—Graeme Harper, author of The Invention of Dying
"That kinky private eye, "Blue" (aka Johnny) Heron is back and so is Michael Burke with his remarkable gift for combining can't-put-it-down suspense with startling philosophical glosses and eye-popping metaphors. Reading Burke may soon become a national habit."
—Thomas Fleming, author of The Intimate Lives of the Founding Fathers
" ...Swan Dive has the speed and sex of Spillane, the plotting of Chandler and the wit and charm of Hammett."
—John Gruen, author of Callas Kissed Me...Lenny Too!

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