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Out of Mind

"In Out Of Mind, Michael Burke's third novel in the series, we are charmed once again by the eccentric macho tenderness of protagonist Johnny "Blue" Heron. Blue would opt every day for a romantic martini with Kathy over a murder. Yet beyond the laconic style of Burke’s hero, and obvious literary skill, this book is extremely well plotted, with an unforgettable erotic scene in a cornfield."
—Margaret Sheffield, The Expressive Edge

Music Of The Spheres

"Off of Route 131, past the Three Bears Bistro on the edge of town, Mickey Spillane meets Pythagoras. An old murder seems to have begotten a new one, and John Heron, known to everybody as Blue, is on the case again. Three cheers to Michael Burke for bringing back Blue and for his right and tight telling of the tale, which I guarantee you won't put down until it's done."
—Sean Wilentz, author of Pulitzer Prize finalist The Rise of American Democracy and Bob Dylan in America

Swan Dive

"Move over, Dashiell Hammett. Make room, Cornell Woolrich. With his first novel, Swan Dive, Michael Burke joins the pantheon of private eye muses. This fast-paced who-done-it is a masterful achievement of unpredictable narrative cast with diverse and engaging characters. Michael Burke spices his tale with an artist"s eye and philosopher's wit."
–Sidney Offit, author of Memoir of the Bookie’s Son